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ENT in the time of COVID

A completely unexpected journey

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Silver Linings

It's been a bit. The tide is turning for now, and our department is taking the fist steps towards returning towards normal. I am...

Death isn't new anymore

This is a tough post to write. Doing it with bourbon in hand. I warn you some of the below is a bit more graphic at times, so fair...

The peak

As of this writing, the crisis is still ongoing, patients are still dying, families are still suffering. But objectively this has all...

The coming storm and feeling useless

I wanted to write a little about what it was like to work in the hospital as this whole pandemic was unfolding. That itself was kind of...

It begins

Never written a blog before so bear with me. Hard to "open up." Writing this mostly as a way to process everything I've been seeing but...

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